State of the Forest

State of the Forests 2005

In January 2004, after being in existence for two years, the CARPE program produced a first summary report on the State of the Forest in Central Africa. The report was published in January 2005 and disseminated at the Summit of Heads of State in Brazzaville in February 2005. It was not a detailed scientific report nor a document to solicit additional funding. Instead, it represented a first effort to present, and where feasible quantify, the various steps needed to be taken collectively by all CBFP partners in order to achieve the sustainable management of forest resources.
As a first step, the preliminary report did not comprehensively reflect the important efforts deployed in the region, the pressures being exerted on the forests or the overall state of the Congo Basin forests. Accurately reflecting these dynamics is challenging as the pressures and the understanding of the pressures on the forest are not uniform across the region.

Full report 2005