National Indicators

National synthesis

Every year, OFAC organizes a campaign to collect reference data called ‘monitoring indicators’ in the 10 COMIFAC countries. These indicators, first defined in 2008, were selected because of their relevance, the nature of the variables, and the ease of collection. They are revised regularly to factor in emerging issues and to ensure synergy with the other regional mechanisms for collecting environmental data in Central Africa, e.g. the FAO FRA (forest resources assessment) or the ITTO biannual data drives.

The collected ‘monitoring indicators’, look at five topics : (i) forest cover, (ii) legal and judicial framework, (iii) forest management, (iv) the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity,and (v) the climate change. Collection of these monitoring indicators is organized by National Groups, composed of Focal Points (members of ministries and administrations responsible for the data being collected) and a Main Correspondent, the country’s National COMIFAC Coordinator

Results from the OFAC data collection campaign, run across the 10 COMIFAC member countries, can be found below

 Burundi  Cameroon  Central African  Chad  Democratic Republic Of Congo  Equatorial Guinea  Gabon  Republic of Congo  Rwanda  Sao Tome and Principe

The summaries presented here date back to 2009. A further national data analysis work is in progress with the OFAC National Principal Correspondents.